Redefining Storytelling for the Millennial Era | Twitter Fiction Festival 2015

Blurring the lines between poetry, flash fiction, photography, and whatever the medium produced on Vine is called (short short film? flash film?) the Twitter Fiction Festival 2015 welcomes the Twittersphere to take part in a micro-storytelling competition that utilizes three of the most important tools of the millennial era: Twitter, Instagram, and Vine.

The Association of American Publishers is teaming up with Penguin Random House for the second year in a row on the third iteration of the festival, presenting original fiction from a list of featured authors. Submissions will be accepted until March 30 and presented between May 11–15, but anyone with a Twitter account can join in by using the hashtag #TwitterFiction and following @TWfictionfest for updates.

Last year’s festival saw the showcasing of work from writers the likes of: Alexander McCall Smith, Jim Gaffigan, Emma Straub, and Gabrielle Zevin. This year, the event’s featured writers include Celeste Ng, Margaret AtwoodLemony Snicket, Matthew Dunn and more.


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